Lifting Beast in Industry: SANY 4000t Crawler Crane
2020-05-21 14:38:30
By Admin

Dream Bigger, Load Heavier. On May 21, SANY debuted its largest tonnage crawler crane and celebrated its delivery in Huzhou factory, China. This gigantic beast can lift 2000t freight to 100m high and embraces Max. lifting moment of 90000 t·m. It covers an area of 3000m2 with 120m long twin lattice booms rising up to the sky. Overall transport requires 150 trailers with 30t loads each. After the last test of lifting at 120m boom, it’s off to Shandong Province in no time.

Crawler cranes larger than 2000 tonnage play a key role in petrochemical, chemical, marine engineering, nuclear power, and wind power industries. Sany got the order of 4000t crawler crane from a Shandong customer last August and delivered this giant as scheduled after half year of calculation and verification.

SCC40000A marks a breakthrough in R&D capabilities. The drive is significantly enhanced via innovative double crawler tracked wagon for super-lift counterweight coupled with powerful slewing drivetrain. Customized for nuclear power plant project, the V-type twin lattice booms are designed to optimize lateral bearing stability while minimize impact from their self-weight within working radius. This product also boasts more than 20 patents for invention, with two internationally. 

Less than 10 units of crawler cranes with over 3000t loading capacity have been produced till now  in China. And the capacity of 4000t is even fewer.  SCC40000A is definitely a milestone for heavy equipment manufacturing.