Tough machines for tough applications

SANY machines deliver incredible durability, reliability and dependable uptime. They are built to take on your toughest construction projects and manufactured with the components you know and trust like Cummins, Yanmar, Kawasaki and more. Backed by SANY’s industry-leading 5 year warranty our machines offer exceptional overall value combined with toughness and durability, that won't let you down.

  • Value
    Return on investment is key. Our machines are loaded with the latest technologies to help reduce costs and increase productivity.
  • Industry Leading Warranty
    Our machines are built to last but for complete peace of mind all SANY equipment is backed by the best warranty in the industry.
  • World Renowned Components
    SANY pride themselves on making the most reliable products in the industry and only choose the best materials from world leading manufacturers.
  • Local Support
    With a nationwide network of experienced dealer partners, as well as support direct from the factory, SANY UK & Ireland have the complete support solution.

SANY Group started in 1989 as a small welding supply company founded by four young men who wanted to offer better products to the world. Over the last three decades, SANY Group has grown and evolved into a global brand with a sales turnover of $15 billion. With three listed companies and a presence in 140 countries around the world, including global R&D and manufacturing facilities in India, Brazil, Germany and the USA, SANY's powerful machines are driving construction projects across the globe. SANY UK & Ireland is the latest addition to SANY's global network of companies.

  • Investing 5 - 7% of annual sales revenue in Research & Development
  • Granted an industry-topping 6,000 world-wide patents.
  • Winner of the National Prize for Progress, Science and Technology.
  • Winner of State Technological Innovation Award, the highest honor in China's construction sector

SANY is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world.

  • 25
    Manufacturing bases
  • 18
    Overseas Regional Headquarters
  • 8000
  • 400
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