The SANY multi-purpose SR235M rig is suitable for a wide range of Geotechnical Piled foundation applications. The machine platform is powered by a powerful Volvo stage V emission engine providing superior efficiency demonstrating outstanding capabilities , with smooth compound movement control, adjustable torque and rotation. The multi-purpose SR235M rig is our flagship entry rig into the UK Piling market.

• Multi-purpose rig methods include : Rotary, LDP, CFA and a low headroom option.
• Providing high performance and reliability with lower fuel consumption.
• New generation, ergonomic cab with greater space and improved visibility.

  • Max. pile diameter
  • Max. pile depth
  • Rated torque
  • Max. operating height
  • CFA Max. pile depth
  • CFA Max. pile diameter
Benefits & Features

1.Multi-function & Quick Conversion

  • Universal connection port design allows for quick conversion between different modes, Multi-function brings more value to the customer.

  • Sectional mast allows to build various combinations of low headroom, which can meet different construction requirements.

2.Powerful Engine

  • VOLVO TAD1181VE (265 kW/2000 rpm).

  • Both Stage V and Tier 4 final emission certifications.

  • High-performance, reliable, low fuel consumption.

  • Worldwide VOLVO-service partners.

3.Efficient & Energy-Saving

  • Next generation of electrically controlled positive flow hydraulic system, pressure loss lowered by 12%.

  • EP optimal control system distributes power in real time, which brings better driving experience, faster operation feedback, and lower energy consumption.

4.Safe & Convenient

  • Integrated platform for safe maintenance work.

  • The ladders on both sides make it easy to reach top of upper square.

  • Equipped with central lubrication system.

  • Integrated engine filiters facilitate replacement.

5.Smart & Ergonomic Cab

  • Next generation modern cab with larger space and greater visibility, HD touch screen, engine start button.

  • Visual representation of locking device accurately shows the process of locking/unlocking, reduces Kelly bar wear, and avoids accidents.

  • Premium air-suspension operator seat, ergonomic and anti-fatigue.

  • Multi-language screen. Including English, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Chinese.

6.Kelly Mode Rotary Drive

  • Multi-gear control with maximum spin speed of 30 rpm.

  • Dual buffering system reduces vibration and avoids damage to device.

  • Lengthened key sleeve design ensures alignment ability and drilling verticality.

7.CFA Rotary Drive

  • The design of CFA rotary drive enables rapid conversion.

  • Gear box anti – sediment design ensures safety and high efficiency

8.Efficient winch system

  • The main winch system adopts confluence technology to improve operation speed and efficiency.

  • CFA can realize crowd drilling and improve the adaptability under different operating conditions.

  • Single layer wire rope on winch drum prolongs service life.

9.Construction management system

  • 10.4 inch large HD touch screen allows smooth operation.

  • Operating parameters of the machine and engine aftertreatment system can be displayed on the main screen for easy monitoring.

  • Integrated CFA construction management system.

SR235M Main Parameters
Pilling rig
Max. drilling diameter 2,000 mm 79 in
Max. drilling depth 73 / 58 m 240/191 ft
Rotary drive    
Rated output torque 235 kN·m 173,327 lbf·in
Rotation speed 5~30rpm 5~30rpm
Crowd system    
Crowd force 210kN 47,210 lbf
Line pull 270kN 60,698 lbf
Stroke 15,000 mm 591 in
Main winch    
Line pull 235kN 52,830 lbf
Wire rope diameter 32 mm 1.26 in
Max. line speed 70 m/min 230 ft/min
Auxiliary winch    
Line pull 80kN 17,985 lbf
Wire rope diameter 20 mm 0.79 in
Max. line speed 70 m/min 230 ft/min
Mast inclination    
Forward/backward 5°/ 90° 5°/ 90°
lateral ±3° ±3°
Main chassis    
Engine model TAD1181VE TAD1181VE
Engine power ISO 3046-1 265 kW/2,000rpm 355 HP / 2,000 rpm
Emission regulation EEC 97 / 68 EC EPA / CARB
Stage V Tier4 final
Sound pressure level in the cabin
(EN 16228,Annex B)
LPA 75 dB(A) LPA 75 dB(A)
Sound power level
LWA 115 dB(A) LWA 115 dB(A)
Fuel tank capacity 580 L 153 US gal
AD Blue tank cpacity 45 L 12 US gal
Extension width 4,500 mm 177 in
Track shoe width 800 mm 32 in
Swing radius 4,600 mm 181 in
Overall machine    
Overall height 24,060 mm 947 in
Operating weight 86,000 kg 189,600 lb
Transport width 3,550 mm 140 in
Transport height 3,755 mm 148 in
Transport Length 17,410 mm 686 in
Kelly bar    
Interlock bar ∅445×3×15 10,300 Kg / 40 m 22,707lb /131ft
Interlock bar ∅445×4×15①  11,000 Kg / 54 m 24,912lb /177ft
Interlock bar ∅445×4×16 11,520 Kg / 58 m 25,397lb /190ft
Friction bar ∅445×5×14 10,300 Kg / 62 m 24,708lb /203ft
Friction bar ∅445×5×15 10,900 Kg / 68 m 24,030lb /223ft
Friction bar ∅445×5×16 11,500 Kg / 73 m 25,353lb /239ft



Low headroom mode
Max. drilling diameter  2,000 mm 79in
Max. drilling depth 24 m 78.7 ft
Rotary drive    
Rated output torque 235 kN·m 173,327 lbf*ft
Rotation speed 5~30 rpm 5~30 rpm
Crowd system    
Crowd force 210 kN 47,210 lbf
Line pull 270 kN 60,698 lbf
Stroke 4,500 mm 177 in
Overall machine    
Overall height① 13,205 mm 522 in
Overall height② 11,535mm 454 in
Operating weight③ 75,000 kg 165,347 lb
Remarks: ①The higher location of boom. ②The lower location of boom. ③With standard kelly bar.


CFA mode
Max. drilling diameter  1,000 mm 39.4 in
Max. drilling depth 25.5 m 83.7 ft
Rotary drive    
Rated output torque 100~230 kN·m  73,756~169,639 lbf*ft
Rotation speed 5~30 rpm 5~30 rpm
Crowd system    
Crowd force 210 kN 47,210 lbf
Line pull / /
Stroke 17,000 mm 669 in
Main winch    
Line pull 800 kN 179,850 lbf
Wire rope diameter 32 mm 1.26 in
Max. line speed 17.5 m/min 57.4 ft/min
Overall machine    
Overall height 31,500 mm 1,240in
Operating weight① 90t 198,416 lb
Remark: ①With pipe.
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