Sany Heavy Machinery LTD holds the 1st Global Dealer Live Forum
2020-09-22 09:03:11
By Admin

Shanghai (China), 15 September 2020 – At its Lingang Industrial Park, Sany International Headquarters and Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd held the 1st Global Dealer Live Forum.

With the Covid-19 spreading around the world, Sany has found a new way to communicate with its global dealers. The forum began with leaders’ speeches and then, a series of videos introducing Sany’s products and production lines showed participants the current situation of Sany’s production. As an important part of this forum, an exchange session was set up to get the dealers more involved, giving them a chance to voice their own opinions and share their own experiences. During the forum, two branch venues were also set up. Dealers could go to the Service venue or Pile Machine venue according to their own needs. 

“We had a great performance this year both in domestic and international markets and the keys to growth in the international market are product, place,  and talents,” said Yu Hongfu, Chairman of Sany Heavy Machinery. “There is still room for growth in the international market and we should strive for better performance in the future.”

“Employing the latest technology, this forum brings dealers from all over the world together to discuss the future of Sany’s internationalization”, explains Kim Li, General Manager of International Sales Company of Sany Heavy Machinery, “ It gives everybody from our dealers a chance, whether it’s a senior figure or a primary-level worker, to learn about Sany, achieving an effect that offline activities can never achieve”.

In the exchange session, dealers with outstanding performances shared their experiences of success. Janardhanan, a dealer from India, maintained that it was even more important today to provide financial services under the epidemic. James McAllister, the dealer from New Zealand, spoke highly of Sany’s digital marketing system. “Under this unusual circumstance, digital marketing seems vital to the sales and marketing department, since most countries remain locked down,” said McAllister, “The keys are the precise positioning of customers and effective transmission of core information”.

Eventually, the forum attracted around 1,900 people from 209 dealers in 67 countries. It showed the current business operation of Sany to dealers and provided a way for them to communicate their needs back. Enhancing communication, connectivity, and mutual trust among Sany’s dealers worldwide, this forum is, without doubt, another successful innovation of Sany.